The Reflective Practitioner

Seminar Participant Comments:

"I got more than I expected from the Model Building Seminar, including a sense of clarity I didn't have before on the conceptual foundations of the work I do. Definitely a lot of bang for my developmental dollar."

Jeff Clanon
Executive Director, Center for Organizational Learning
Society for Organizational Learning
Cambridge, Mass.

"Through this course I developed a habit of mind around model building. In my work with clients now, there is a part of me always reflecting on why I do what I do."

Mark Driscoll, Ph.D.
Co-Director, Center for Leadership and Learning Communities
EDC, Inc.

“The seminar provided multi-angled exploration of my practice and highlighted the distinctiveness of what I bring to my clients. I’m a stronger consultant for having participated.”

Ellen Glanz
Glanz Associates
Newton, Mass.

"Being around your wonderful appetite for learning and for helping others learn and enhance their lives was inspiring."

Susann Cook-Greuter, Ph.D.
Weston, Mass.
Independent scholar and consultant and founding member, Integral Institute

"Your authenticity and continual quest for learning is infectious."

Stephen Stulck, Ed.D.
Northern Lights Consulting
Lexington, Mass.


Reflective Practitioner seminars are available in two formats:

Public seminars
Occasionally Grady offers open-enrollment seminars. None are planned in the immediate future. [more...]

Customized seminars
for intact groups of professionals

Seminars designed for intact groups draw upon all the features of the public offerings while accommodating specific needs. See a sample description of a public offering below.

Customized Seminars for Professional Groups

The basic goals and support structure of the public seminar can be tailored to the needs and circumstances of intact groups of professionals. Such arrangements have the potential to deliver collective benefits that go beyond individual learning. For example, professionals responsible for delivering a consistent set of products and services can build upon the personal model-building efforts of individual team members to assess the alignment of individual models with one another and with the organizational mission/vision.

To discuss whether a tailored seminar would be helpful to your group [contact Grady ...]

The Reflective Practitioner:
Moving Toward Mastery by
Building a Model of Your Professional Practice

Sample Year-long Public Seminar for Seasoned Professionals

What this seminar will support you in accomplishing:

  • Clarify the key beliefs and assumptions that guide your practice (or a component)
  • Take stock of the core methods, tools, and practices that characterize your work
  • Deepen your understanding of the ways in which your personal profile shapes your approach to your practice
  • Articulate your vision of your professional practice
  • Increase the alignment among your vision, beliefs and assumptions, methods/tools, and your personal profile
  • Clarify how you will continue to grow in support of the ongoing development of a practice model that uniquely leverages your vision and personal profile

How the seminar will help you do this:

The seminar will provide a support structure for a group of seasoned professionals committed to in-depth reflection on their practice. It will extend over one year, with two-day meetings at the beginning, middle and end:

  • The first meeting will orient participants to concepts and tools for model building and create subgroups to provide ongoing support throughout the year.
  • The second meeting will focus on what participants have produced by that time, enabling them to get feedback and to recalibrate and refocus their efforts.
  • The final meeting will review and celebrate achievements and prepare participants for continued model building on their own.

Support between meetings will consist principally of meetings among subgroups (virtual or physical), one-on-one consultations with the seminar leader, an e-learning curriculum of structured questions and readings, and periodic teleconference calls among all participants. These basic elements are summarized and elaborated below:


Twelve months, with three two-day meetings to be held at the beginning, middle and end of that period.


The three meetings will be held in Wellesley, Massachusetts (near Boston) at the Babson Center for Executive Education, a highly professional and well-supported conference center with excellent food and comfortable overnight accommodations.


Up to 15 highly experienced professionals committed to in-depth reflection on their practice. The primary audience is consultants and human resource professionals. However, professionals from other areas are welcome.


  • Three 2-day face-to-face meetings in Boston at the beginning, middle, and end.
  • Monthly 90-minute conference calls to provide an ongoing forum between meetings.
  • An online discussion group in which individuals pose questions, report dilemmas, and share emerging models.


  • Subgroups of varying sizes, based on synergistic criteria (e.g., similar focus for their model building), will support one another in their work
  • The seminar leader will provide one-on-one coaching to each participant in follow-up to each of the first two meetings to support them in setting goals for their reflection, and as needed throughout the seminar.
  • The seminar leader will also provide feedback on draft models in connection with the mid-point meeting.
  • Structure in the form of questions, exercises and readings will be offered via the internet.

Additional Resources offered:

  • Annotated bibliography of readings relevant to model building
  • Examples of products created by the seminar leader and others in the course of their model building


The seminar will require a significant investment of time and energy beyond participation in the three meetings. Each participant will be expected to:

  • Create a draft written product constituting an articulation of his/her model by the second meeting, and a “final” draft for the third.
  • Read and comment on drafts and final versions of the models of others in their subgroup.

Seminar Tuition and Registration


Corporate: $5,000
Independent: $3,750

Non-profit: $2,500


Prospective participants are invited to contact Grady to arrange a conversation to discuss what they would hope to gain through model building, to ensure a good fit between their learning goals and the seminar format.

Prerequisite: A minimum of 10 years of professional practice in the area on which you intend to focus your model building.

For further information [contact Grady].

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